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Devblog #05: Let's talk about the gameplay

In the last devblog of the year 2020, I’m going to tell you about general gameplay info of liq!

Let’s start mentioning the genre of this game we’re making. It’s story based, rouge-like platformer. The story and world build and the decisions of the player will shape core game mechanics. Before this project started, I started taking notes about which parts of gameplay would made me satisfy or play this game nonstop. Then I listed my inspirations and tried to take examples from Super Mario World, Undertale, Spelunky 2, Ori franchaise etc.

In liq’s gameplay, as experience players would guess and expect what it is from knowing the genre, when you’re opening a new game session, you will playing as our protagonist, liq. There will be cinematic animations when critical part of the main story occurs.

Your character will be able to make unique actions based on your swipe gestures (also mouse or right ring movements in gamepad) like drinking, jumping, climbing. When you face a character (NPC) there will be dialogue box opening and including response presets. With using presets, you will be able have progress on main storyline, meeting people, and also interact and experience different things.

But if you’re not so talkative person, you can do whatever you want without getting any information or taking sides. This will shape your character’s moral and intention and will change the way of how story progress. (Or at least will change certain critical occurances of the story.)

The playarea itself is an also planning to be an open world. This will provide players a great invitation to set a purpose(s) or just plainly visit and take a break in the Tri-On.

To make game progress more enjoyable and less repetetive we will add mini-games depending on main story or some live events that you can involve and do side quests.

Unique platforming assets will give you unique challenges you can have fun.

And more to come! Hope the next year make this a reality!