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Devblog #02: We're visiting a planet where creatures that can say only 3 vowels

Hi, again! In the last devblog, you saw a tease of the beginning story and you met liq and its one of its adventures. (Kinda) Now it’s time to know about its homeland, Tri-On.

Tri-On is a planet really far from our solar system and has unique environmental, vital resources and needs. It’s called Tri-On, because, well… y’now that’s where they being on and also they’re only able to talk 3 vowels, so… there’s that. This information taken from former homo sapiens researches of this planet but they had hard time understanding their language. Also it’s worth mentioning they suck at naming things.

Nevermind, let’s focus on this brand new world. liq and its friends are a residents in regions close to city station.

Tri-On is a viable place for every local organic living. Unfortunately, lack of experimentations and test subjects, the content of major percentage of air volume is unidentified but other vital values like air pressure etc. seems normal with astronaut suit. But end of the day, the cause of creation of this planet is still The Big Bang. So rock types are quite similar but has really extraordinary and exotic pigments.

In the game, you, as a player, are going to have an adventure while learning the deeper history of this unknown places of this planet. If you don’t miss the details, you may find out how this planet works and know the background of the important figures.

Take care till next time and stay tuned for next devblogs!