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Devblog #01: Say Hi To Our New Buddy!

Greetings reader! You’re about to discover and understand really different approach of the reality. Say hi to liq!

Yeah, it’s a little bit an odd name. But according to local human scientists, they’re mentioning his name with only 3 letters. l, i and q. Scientists have a theory that it sounds like the word liquid and also this is something he loves. Beside his name, unfortunately liq lost his teeth in his childhood accident so he can only digest liquid. You don’t need to feel sorry for him, he’s really adapting well to his long-aged diet and you’re about to witness it.

Where he lives is so similar to the blue marble and feels so different at the same time. We’re on a planet called Tri-On and there are people who can’t say more than 3 letters per word like liq. Really weird but they’ve really unique language and culture.

liq looking somewhere else to find more water or at least any liquid nowadays, because his friends and parents can’t keep up his speed to provide any liquid. Came to the desert-like area, he still searching for it even if there’s lots of signs that there’s no hope. Starting to see mirages, he suddenly, passed out.

After he wakes up he finds out there’s a device behind his neck. Vibrating and making weird beeps and boops. Suddenly a robot-like, mistery figure starts to talk. Whatever it is, sounds friendly, kind, deep but also it’s mentioning about control, host etc. liq is just panicking and having hard time to control his limbs. It’s not really hard to understand what’s going on even he don’t understand any Latin languages.

In the upcoming next developer blog, you will take a glimpse of beginning of the story and the homeland of Triliterals, Tri-On!
Stay tuned, folks!