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Devblog #05: Let's talk about the gameplay

In the last devblog of the year 2020, I’m going to tell you about general gameplay info of liq!

Let’s start mentioning the genre of this game we’re making. It’s story based, rouge-like platformer. The story and world build and the decisions of the player will shape core game mechanics. Before this project started, I started taking notes about which parts of gameplay would made me satisfy or play this game nonstop. Then I listed my inspirations and tried to take examples from Super Mario World, Undertale, Spelunky 2, Ori franchaise etc.

Devblog #04: The Platforms and Controls

Nowadays, players getting benefit of playing video games with various types of interfaces, tools or devices for the sake of accessibility or for people who has different tastes or habits. One of the latest innovations was touch screen. So my

Devblog #03: Keep your enemies closer!

In the history of Tri-on civilization, there’s always been conflictions and wars between creatures that has sub-cultures (or came from different Adams). Even, now (in the game time) liq and his friends can get disturbed or being bullied by their

Devblog #02: We're visiting a planet where creatures that can say only 3 vowels

Hi, again! In the last devblog, you saw a tease of the beginning story and you met liq and its one of its adventures. (Kinda) Now it’s time to know about its homeland, Tri-On.

Tri-On is a planet really far from our solar system and has unique environmental, vital resources and needs. It’s called Tri-On, because, well… y’now that’s where they being on and also they’re only able to talk 3 vowels, so… there’s that. This information taken from former homo sapiens researches of this planet but they had hard time understanding their language. Also it’s worth mentioning they suck at naming things.

Nevermind, let’s focus on this brand new world. liq and its friends are a residents in regions close to city station.

Devblog #01: Say Hi To Our New Buddy!

Greetings reader! You’re about to discover and understand really different approach of the reality. Say hi to liq!

Yeah, it’s a little bit an odd name. But according to local human scientists, they’re mentioning his name with only 3 letters. l, i and q. Scientists have a theory that it sounds like the word liquid and also this is something he loves. Beside his name, unfortunately liq lost his teeth in his childhood accident so he can only digest liquid. You don’t need to feel sorry for him, he’s really adapting well to his long-aged diet and you’re about to witness it.